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iPad Stand w. Cocktail Table


Interior wood furniture for installation of iPad, amplifier and headphones
Precious maple hardwood furniture crafted by one of the nationʼs leading craftsmen
Position beside a reclining chair, bed or sofa to achieve a compact and elegant
Installation of an iPad and audio equipment in the space required to store LP records
Comes complete with a cocktail table, wine glass and scotch glass.
Use an iPad as main console to control audio equipment, lighting, air conditioning, etc.


· External Dimensions: W 32cm x H 93.2cm x D 32cm * Precise dimensions may vary
· Suggested Retail Price: ¥380,000 (excluding tax)

*Caster with lock is available for extra processing fee of ¥24,000 extra (excluding tax)
*Can be customized to support other tablet devices and peripherals, hardwood materials and external dimensions

Countertop recessed to fit the base of the Grand Cru class RIEDEL hand made [sommelier] wine glass
The detachable table even has space to fit a cigar tray (sold separately)