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Balanced Cube


Gold 18 & Pink Gold
3cm × 3cm


The world's oldest precious metal gold (GOLD) embodies the ultimate "exact" new beauty.
The history of gold (GOLD) jewelry dates back to the 1300s BC in ancient Egypt.
Precision gold casting to achieve straight, flat or right angle surfaces is extremely difficult.
Explore the limits of precision in the world's first industrial art in pursuing the ultimate balance.
Different materials intersect at 1/3 and 1/2, one side drops and forms a small triangular face.
Different materials have different specific gravities and therefore do not stand vertically.
Use specific gravities to calculate the center of gravity and angle of the triangular face in 3D.
The secret is achieving the beauty of balance for the first time by combining two materials.


Gold 18K & Pink Gold

Volume: approximately 27cm3 Mass of 18K gold: approximately 420g (Market Price)