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Wearable Fragrance Diffuser

kaori wear

Fragrance that is wearable
and changeable

Wear your favorite fragrance, not on your body, but on "kaori wear."
This innovative jewelry is flexible and light as a feather, so it sinuously fits your body,
enabling you to naturally clothe yourself in the fragrance that fits your mood of the day.

This jewelry was brought to life
by developing the special technology of
"liquid-absorbing metal."

This "kaori wear" was made possible by this special technology,
which defies the common knowledge that metal normally repels water rather than absorbing it.

With this "kaori wear," you can wear not only perfume,
but also fragrances derived from room spray or essential oils,
which you normally cannot apply to your skin directly.

Just add a spritz of perfume or a drop of essential oil to the surface,
which resembles "washi" (traditional Japanese paper).
The liquid is quickly absorbed into the metal, releasing the fragrance naturally as it dissipates.

The liquid never seeps through the back.

In these times when fragrance pollution has become a problem,
this jewelry was born from the notion of freeing fragrance
from physicality so that it can be manipulated more freely.

You can put on and take off the fragrance of your choice at will.
You can even change the fragrance daily to match your mood.
When no fragrance is necessary, simply take it off without any fuss.

The bangle can be rested on a dedicated stand that is sold separately and used as an aromatic diffuser.
Since it uses neither electricity nor flame, it is safe and quiet.

Wash off the fragrance of the afternoon and change into the one for the evening.
We recommend placing the stand that silently releases fragrance in your bedroom.
Just one drop of fragrance is all it takes to decorate your personal space.

The technology to make the surface look just like "washi" is based on molecular-level, cutting-edge research.
This distinctive technique can only be produced by skilled artisans in small local factories.

Each one is finished individually by hand.
The warmth that infuses the artisans' workmanship produces the perfect level of beauty.


When freed from the physicality of fragrance, it becomes possible to switch fragrance on and off.

You can wear fragrance without applying it directly to your skin.
You have the option of taking off the bangle or the ring in situations where fragrance is not necessary,
for example, at restaurants or in crowds.

You can enjoy fragrances that suit the time, place, and occasion.


Pursue sustainability.

It is made of surgical stainless steel (medical stainless steel),
which is impervious to acid and corrosion.

The fragrance can be washed off with detergent and warm water,
so you can change the fragrance as many times as you wish.

You can wash the product with other dishes in a dishwasher.
You can use it almost indefinitely.


Its light-weight fit provides ultimate comfort.

The thickness of the bangle and the ring is only 0.6mm.
It is as light as a feather.
With its exquisite comfort that has just the right amount of strength and flexibility,
it can be adjusted to fit the size of your arm and finger.

Names, messages, etc. can be laser-engraved on the back.


With the designated stand, it can be used as a fragrance for your room.

Wear it as a bangle outside your home and place it on the designated stand,
"kaori wear Stand," at home to use as an aromatic diffuser.

Japanese craftsmen make luxurious use of precious, solid-wood maple and carefully craft each one by hand,
using a traditional bonding method of joint techniques.

Many fragrance products are disposable, but "kaori wear" aims for sustainability.
Thus, it may be used almost indefinitely.

It is innovative jewelry that makes careful use of a single drop of fragrance.


The bangle comes in three sizes
- Small, Medium and Large - and each is available in either silver or gold.

Fragrance is released as you move your hands and fingers.
You can also wear a matching ring.


Bangle (Bracelet)

Gold* (L) / (M) / (S)
Silver (L) / (M) / (S)

Descriptions of Each Bangle Size

L : width 50mm (length 170mm)
M : width 30mm (length 170mm)
S : width 20mm (length 170mm)


Gold* / Silver

Descriptions of Each Ring Size

One Size:width 15mm (length 52mm)

Each product is made of elastic surgical stainless steel of the perfect thickness (approximately 0.6mm)
with a gentle arc that enables you to adjust it to fit your arm and finger.

* "Gold" is 23K gold plating.


kaori wear Bangle Stand

* Our products do not come with aromatic oils or perfumes.
Please purchase commercially-available fragrances separately.
* All posted images are illustrations. On actual products, detailed specifications such as color tone, etc. may differ.
Please note that specifications, appearance, finish, etc. may be changed without prior notice for product improvement.


Bangle (Bracelet)

(L) width 50mm × Length 170mm

Bangle (Bracelet)

(L) width 50mm × Length 170mm

Bangle (Bracelet)

(L) width 50mm / (M) width 30mm / (S) width 20mm



width 15mm × Length 52mm


When combined with the designated stand that is made of precious, solid-wood maple,
it becomes a simple home fragrance diffuser.
Japanese craftsmen carefully make each one by hand.

height 92mm × width 50mm × depth 107mm

Use it as a room fragrance.

Use it on the bedside table at night.

How to Use

You can wash off the fragrance applied on the product with detergent and warm water.
You can change the fragrance as many times as you wish.
You can wash the product with other dishes in a dishwasher.
You may use it almost indefinitely.

[How to Wash]

Depending on the amount of perfume or aromatic oils applied,
it can be easily washed off with neutral detergent diluted in lukewarm water.

Creation of Industrial Art

Jewels as diamonds, rubies and sapphires
Precious metals like platinum and gold
A financial system that produces infinite wealth
Are not inferior to a black card symbolizing rich life
What really holds value?

Craftsmanship that can only be created by the hands of men
Does not "Industrial Art" reside upon the highest peak?

The finest mechanical timepieces crafted by famed Swiss and German watchmakers
are priced at hundreds of millions of yen, even though many are priceless.
The value of craftsmanship does not diminish with the passage of time.
Masterpieces serve as heirlooms passed down from generation to generation.

Some luxury wristwatches have been encrusted in jewelry and precious metals,
But the mechanical timepieces that reach such astronomical prices ironically have not.
They are constructed of very simple material: metal, glass and ruby, in part.
The source and very essence of artistic value is craftsmanship imparted by human hands
That create a microcosm encompassing an artistic, transcendental mechanism.

During Japanʼs rapid postwar expansion, mass production of high quality products owes to
the sensitivity of heroic artisan engineers who pursued beauty with good touch.

Together with foremost craftsmen who harnessed technology to cultivate such industry,
we seek to create a new form of art, "Industrial Art", through a quest for truth,
the value of which surpasses that of jewels and precious metals.

Let us draw a clear line that delineates our art from arbitrarily created fashion
and products whose yearly model changes urge replacement.

Absolute value, universal value that can passed down from generation to generation
does not diminish with the time and can be said to last a lifetime.

The rarest objects are neither jewels nor precious metals, but miraculous country,
craftsmanship and delicate sensibility of artisans steeped in the climate and culture of Japan.

With these wishes, "RE · LEAF" puts its "Industrial Art" on sale.