Creation of Industrial Art

Jewels as diamonds, rubies and sapphires
Precious metals like platinum and gold
A financial system that produces infinite wealth
Are not inferior to a black card symbolizing rich life
What really holds value?

Craftsmanship that can only be created by the hands of men
Does not "Industrial Art" reside upon the highest peak?

The finest mechanical timepieces crafted by famed Swiss and German watchmakers
are priced at hundreds of millions of yen, even though many are priceless.
The value of craftsmanship does not diminish with the passage of time.
Masterpieces serve as heirlooms passed down from generation to generation.

Some luxury wristwatches have been encrusted in jewelry and precious metals,
But the mechanical timepieces that reach such astronomical prices ironically have not.
They are constructed of very simple material: metal, glass and ruby, in part.
The source and very essence of artistic value is craftsmanship imparted by human hands
That create a microcosm encompassing an artistic, transcendental mechanism.

During Japanʼs rapid postwar expansion, mass production of high quality products owes to
the sensitivity of heroic artisan engineers who pursued beauty with good touch.

Together with foremost craftsmen who harnessed technology to cultivate such industry,
we seek to create a new form of art, Industrial Art, through a quest for truth,
the value of which surpasses that of jewels and precious metals.

Let us draw a clear line that delineates our art from arbitrarily created fashion
and products whose yearly model changes urge replacement.

Absolute value, universal value that can passed down from generation to generation
does not diminish with the time and can be said to last a lifetime.

The rarest objects are neither jewels nor precious metals, but miraculous country,
craftsmanship and delicate sensibility of artisans steeped in the climate and culture of Japan.

With these wishes, "RE · LEAF" puts its "Industrial Art" on sale.

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