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Fragrance Jewelry

 kaori wear 

Scented bangles, a crystallization of Japanese technology
The magic of fragrance jewelry made of pure 24K solid gold

The delicate washi-like surface made of layers of interwoven 24K pure gold fibers
changes its expression with the light, and is clothed in fragrance, releasing a scent.

The structure of the product does not penetrate the skin,
so it can be clothed in artistic fragrances that cannot be applied to the skin,
achieving a solitary beauty!

Pure 24K gold has excellent chemical properties and does not rust,
so the beautiful fragrance created can be worn without any change.

The one and only innovative scent jewelry that allows you
to freely change your favorite fragrance according to your mood and TPO

Made in Japan by RE・LEAF Inc.

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Japanese artisans carefully weave microns of ultra-fine 24k pure gold wire
over several kilometers in length.

Beautiful texture like delicate Japanese paper made of pure 24K gold



Pure Gold 24K  L size
Pure Gold 24K  M size
Pure Gold 24K  S size

Descriptions of Each Bangle Size

L:width 50mm(length 170mm)
M:width 30mm(length 170mm)
S:width 20mm(length 170mm)


kaori wear Bangle Stand

* Our products do not come with aromatic oils or perfumes.
Please purchase commercially-available fragrances separately.
* All posted images are illustrations.
On actual products, detailed specifications such as color tone, etc. may differ.
Please note that specifications, appearance, finish, etc. may be changed without prior notice for product improvement.

24K Gold Material

Our jewelry is made of 24K pure gold
by Tanaka Kikinzoku Kogyo Kogyo*,
a world-renowned manufacturer
of precious metals.

** Reference: Tanaka Precious Metal Group Industrial Business Global Site

The 24K pure gold material used for this product "kaori wear 24K Gold"
is only 24K pure gold material that has passed all mechanical property inspections,
quantitative analysis (AU 99.99% UP), appearance inspections, and curl inspections
at the time of shipment inspection from "Tanaka Kikinzoku Kogyo".